Art Video Exchange (AVE) is an international exchange program and initiative between curators developed to organize exhibition opportunities for video artists worldwide. By promoting the production and circulation of international video programming. AVE works to foster a greater appreciation of video art and an exchange of ideas between artists, curators and audiences worldwide.

Curators:                                                                                                                                           Eli Souaiby (Lebanon), Mona Bentzen (Norway), Bojana Romic (Serbia), Madeline Djerejian and Kyja Kristjansson-Nelson (USA), Gintare Matulaityte (Lithuania), Julie Sparsoe Damkjaer (Denmark)



Art Video Exchange-Norway screening at 700IS Reindeerland experimental art festival in Reykjavik, Iceland from February 7-10

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AVE-Norway at art:screen fest 2012, October 5-7                                                                       Curator: Mona Bentzen                                                                                                          Download program


Small Projects in collaboration with Art Video Exchange invites the public in Tromso, Norway to an international video event featuring programs from eleven countries by thirteen curators. The curators will have a symposium about new screening practices and challenge of video art to day. In connection to that the French artist Justine Emard is special invited to exhibit her installation ScreenCatcher at the Small Projects Gallery. Justine Emards ScreenCatcher is a new way of both producing and view video where the audience interact using their device.

Justine Emard's project with drawings and agumented reality   
In the way of Navajo's DreamCatchers, the artist made the ScreenCatcher application. Justine Emard places the viewer in the center of an interaction between art and technology. The installation evokes the disappearance of Drive-In Theaters, outcinemas where spectators watch movies from their cars. She drew these places focus to abandoned screens. The work takes a special dimension through the screen of smartphones and tablets. Videos appeaer and show ghost pictures from the past. It's a work about image and landscape, like persistence of vision.                                                     
Everyone is invited to download on their smartphone or tablet then ScreenCatcher application (only android
systems) on the website: www.justineemard.tk                  
Tablets are available in the gallery.


You can download the individual programs here:


Art Video Exchange - www.artvideoexchange.com
Denmark: Julie Sparsoe Damkjaer - Program

Art Video Exchange - www.artvideoexchange.com
Lebanon: Eli Souaiby - Program

Art Video Exchange - www.artvideoexchange.com
Norway: Mona Bentzen - Program


Art Video Exchange www.artvideoexchange.com
USA: Kyja Kristjansson-Nelson - Program

ArtScreen - www.artscreen.se
Sweden: Jonas Nilsson and Eva Olsson - Program

Phillippines: Claro Jr. Ramirez - Program
Italy: Enrico Thomassio -Program


Tromso Academy of Contemporary Art - www.kunstakademietitromso.no
Norway:Mona Betzen - Program   

namaTRE.ba project - www.namatre.ba
Bosnia & Herzegovina: Igor Bošnjak - Program

Poland: Michał Brzeziński - Program

Art Video Exchange - www.artvideoexchange.com
Lithuania: Gintarė Matulaitytė - Program

700IS - www.700.is
Iceland: Kristin Scheving - Program

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Collaboration between Atopia and Art Video Exchange-Norway                                                                  Organized  and curated by Mona Bentzen in collaboration with Farhad Kalantary, artistic leader Atopia

International video art screening and curator meeting at Atopia www.atopia.no

Friday June 3 at 19-22 and Saturday June 4 at 16-19

During two days 55 works will be screened selected by 11 curators from 8 countries: Hong Kong, Russia, USA, Lebanon, Serbia, Bosnia & Herzegovina, Germany and Norway.

The curators will attend and present their program. After each program there will be time for questions and discussion. Light refreshments when arriving, during pauses and wine after the last screening.

Since its first appearance in the 1960s video art has become one of the most significant channels of contemporary artistic expression. Technically, video's versatility makes it possible for artists to address political, social and anthropological issues and articulate their visions on increasingly introspective and personal levels. This dialogue and the exchange of ideas with other media makes video into a hybrid language stimulating minds of the artists, the audience imagination and critical thinking.

AVE aims to offer spectators a selection of works through which they can examine various artistic approaches and discover both the contrasts stemming from differences in cultural context as well as the common features due to the increasing globalization of the art world.

You can download the individual program here:


What If Artist Group - www.what-if.hk
Hong Kong: Vik Lai and Beatrix Pang - Program

Art Video Exchange - www.artvideoexchange.com
Lebanon, Beirut: Eli Souaiby - Program
USA, New York: Madeline Djerejian - Program

CYLAND MediaLab - www.cyland.ru
St. Petersburg, Russia: Vika Ilyushkina - Program


namaTRE.ba project - www.namatre.ba
Trebinje, Bosnia & Herzegovina: Igor Bošnjak - Program

Festival Signes de Nuit - www.signesdenuit.com
Germany: Dieter Wieczorek - Program

Art Video Exchange - www.artvideoexchange.com
Serbia, Belgrade: Romic - Program
Norway, Oslo: Mona Bentzen - Program

Locus - www.locusart.org
Norway, Oslo Thale Fastvold and Tanja Thorjussen - Program

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The event is a collaboration between Atopia and Art Video Exchange-Norway
Initiative: Farhad Kalantary, Atopia
Producer and main curator: Mona Bentzen, Art Video Exchange-Norway

Partisipating artist run organizations:





Arts Development Fund
Home Affairs Bureau
The Government of
the Hong Kong Special


Beate Petersen, Birgitte Sigmundstad, Bull.Miletic, Claudia Reinhardt,                        Jannicke Låker, Per Teljer and Sabina Jacobsson

Curated by: Mona Bentzen, Art Video Exchange-Norway                                                  In collaboration with Jet Pascula, artistic leader and curator:

Program detail: http://www.smallprojects.no/doesit.html






New moving images

4th Edition
From May 11 to May 14, 2010
At the Académie Libanaise des Beaux-Arts (ALBA) - Sin el Fil - Lebanon

Norwegian video art curated by Mona Bentzen AVE Norway

You can download a pdf version of the catalog here.
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Supported by The Royal Norwegian Embassy Beirut




EFA Project Space presents A VIDEO SERENADE, a screening of recent works selected by ArtVideoExchange (AVE) and Format Network.

AVE is an international exchange program and initiative between artists
and curators that promotes the production and circulation of video
programming worldwide. Format Network is an artists’ group based in
Bristol, UK that focuses on staging activities of exchange and engagement,
including screenings and exhibitions, lectures by invited artists, critics
and theorists, and open-mic performance evenings.
A VIDEO SERENADE presents a wide range of contemporary video, from the
performative to the personal to the fictive and the documentary. The
program aims to reflect the unique mix of themes and approaches to video
as exemplified by the artists supported by these two groups.
A VIDEO SERENADE is organized by Madeline Djerejian, AVE-USA, in
cooperation with ArtVideoExchange and Format Network, with support from
the Office for Contemporary Art Norway (OCA), CYLAND Media Art Laboratory
(St. Petersburg, Russia), and the St. Petersburg branch of the National
Center of Contemporary, Art (NCCA).
Screening at EFA Project Space New York, Tuesday March 2, 2010 at 6:30pm.
You can download a pdf version of the catalog here.
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International video art program during the December Exhibiton 2009

Produced by Mona Bentzen AVE Norway

December 10:
Fast Video / , Denmark.
Curator: Jeanette Land Schou

December 17:
namaTRE.ba 3 project,
Curator Igor Bosnjak

December 27:
Medialab Cyland, Russia
Curator: Vika Ilushkina

December 28:
Curator: Bojana Romic, Serbia

December 29:
Curator: Anders Weberg, Sweden

December 30:
Cologne Online Film Festival, Germany.
Curator: Wilfried Agricola de Cologne



Eighteen Norwegian films displayed at V.I.P. Art Gallery in Belgrade, Serbia in 10 November 2009, in collaboration with Art Video Exchange.

The project was initiated as a result of collaboration between Bojana Romic and Mona Bentzen who met during the first Örebro International Video Art Festival in Sweden, 24-26th Oct 2008. To this event Art Video To this event Art Video Exchange-Serbia/Norway invited Oslo Screenfestival and festival leader Margarida Paiva to curate a Norwegian program togheter with Art Video Exchange.  




Independent platform for contemporary art

September 24th - 26th 2009

Norwegian Video Art curated by Mona Bentzen AVE Norway





Rauland kunstforening  SONDOV
Norwegian Video Art curated by Mona Bentzen AVE Norway present a selection of Norwegian video art from 2002 to 2009 at the Raulandutstillinga 2009 in Norway from 27 June to 30 August.

The artists come from Norway, Denmark, Sweden, Germany and Iran. What makes this a Norwegian program is the artists close connection to the Norwegian culture either by teaching, studying or living in Norway.





orebro video art festival

Art Video Exchange presented a selection of recent international video art at the Örebro International Video Art Festival in Sweden in October 2008. The Festival was organized by the Swedish art collective Art Video Screening in cooperation with Bio Roxy, Örebro Konsthall and Örebro Lans Museum. Countries represented in the Festival were: Australia, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Denmark, Egypt, Germany, Iceland, Norway, Russia, Serbia, Sweden, and the USA.

Featured AVE programs were:

25 Oct 2008 at Bio Roxy:  
26 Oct 2008 at Bio Roxy:  AVE SERBIA
26 Oct 2008 at Örebro Läns Museum:    AVE RUSSIA
26 Oct 2008 at Örebro Läns Museum:    AVE USA

Produced by Mona Bentzen AVE Norway.
The program at the Bergen Kunsthall featured artists and video works from England, Norway, Russia, Serbia, and Sweden. The initiative and producer for the festival was Mona Bentzen, Sentient Film & Art. The festival cooperated with Morten Kvamme, Curator at Landmark at the Bergen Kunsthall, and was supported by Bergen Commune, Section for Art and Culture.