AVE Art Video Exchange


September 18 - 20th 2007
Landmark at the Bergen Kunsthall, Norway

This year’s program at Landmark at the Bergen Kunsthall features artists and video works from England, Norway, Russia, Serbia, and Sweden. The initiative and producer for the festival is Mona Bentzen, Sentient Film & Art. The festival cooperates with Morten Kvamme, Curator at Landmark at the Bergen Kunsthall, and is supported by Bergen Commune, Section for Art and Culture.

festival schedule and programs:

Program on 18 September 2007, Tuesday

Program on 19 September 2007, Wednesday

Program on 20 September 2007, Thursday

festival curators

Mona Bentzen, Sentient Film & Art | Norway
Bull.Miletic (Synne Bull and Dragan Miletic) | Norway, DEEVEEDEE No. 3
Madeline Djerejian | England
Vika Ilyushkina | Russia
Jonas Nilsson and Eva Olsson, Art Video Screening | Sweden
Katarina Stankovic | Serbia, DEEVEEDEE No. 4

contact:  info AT artvideoexchange DOT com