AVE Norway 2009 – curator Mona Bentzen

at V.I.P.Art Gallery, SKC, Belgrade, Serbia


PROGRAM “Made in Norway” – total duration 01:05:37




Sabina Jacobsson - Womens Voice of Iran (2007) - 13:00

Iranian women living in Norway, telling their story from the revolution in Iran 1979 till today. The women have lived in Norway from six months to twentyfive years. My idea with the video was to give these women a voice out. It can still be dangerous for them to comment on the Iranian regime even though they have lived in Norway for many years. Their names will not be mentioned in the video for security reasons. One of the women has also chosen to wear a mask.



Sabina Jacobssen. 1967 Visby, live and work in Oslo. Working with video, live art and installations. Student of Academy of Fine Arts in Trondheim ę96-00. Soloshows at f ex. LuleĆ Art Center in Sweden, Nordnorsk Art Center in Svolvĺr, Gallery F15 in Moss. Participated in videoprograms at f ex. Paralelas y Meridianos in Buenos Aires, FIFVC in Beirut, Next Festival in Vilnius. Has received many grants in Norway. Awarded with Next Festival Video Price 2006 in Vilnius for best consept.




Bull.Miletic - Par Hasard (Eng. By Chance) (2009) – 05:45
Par Hasard explores the Eiffel Tower’s symbolic relationship to its ethereal physicality. Sequences in the video are shifting between the wide shots of the stroboscopic lit tower at night and the tracking shots from within the tower’s structure during the daytime. The video opens with the two sentences; “No, the past is fantastic²”, “No, the future is fantastic!”. Negotiation between contradictory meanings, emotions and times continues throughout the video in a similarly ambiguous manner, primarily via cutaway shots. The video embraces formal qualities of the 60’s American pop art and French avant-garde cinema. The soundtrack, reinforced by long periods of silence, enhances the hallucinatory atmosphere of the video.



Bull.Miletic is the name of the collaborative team of Synne Bull (Norway) and Dragan Miletic (Serbia). Bull.Miletic exhibit their video installations internationally at venues including the Henie Onstad kunstsenter, Norway, Whitney Museum of

American Art's Artport, New York, Pasadena Museum of California Art, Victorian Arts

Center, Melbourne, Pacific Film Archive, Berkeley, Walter and McBean Galleries, San Francisco, MoCa, Los Angeles, Transmediale, Berlin and IMPAKT, Ultrech, The Netherlands. Bull.Miletic received professional grants from the San Francisco Arts Commission, Norwegian Cultural Council, The Norwegian Young Artist Association, Nordic Institute for Contemporary Art, Office for Contemporary Art Norway and Stockholm Cultural Council, among others. http://bull.miletic.info




Karima Risk and Linda Saveholt – The Wall (2008) – 3:00

A woman is washing the dishes at her kitchen. Her husband seeks some attention, and her father in-law plans how to build up the wall that is missing.




Karima Risk and Linda Saveholt both have a Master-degree from the Academy of Fine Arts in Trondheim, Norway.  They have participated at filmfestivals in Barcelona, Moscow, San Francisco, Sofia and Oslo, and they will have there second solo-show together at Färgfabriken Norr in Sweden this year.




Birgitte Sigmundstad- How to explain direct action to a live rabbit (2007)-6:45 

An image of an ALF (Animal Liberation Front) member is the starting point for this film. The monologue is based on texts from Herbert Marcuse, John Zerzan and an article called How to explain terrorism to your child.



Birgitte Sigmundstad is born 1969, Norway. Education: BA honours from The Surry Institute of Art & Design (1995-1998). Solo Exhibitions: Stenersen museum, UKS, Oslo and Troms kunstforening. Groupe exhibitions: UKS, Preus Museum, Grimstad Shortfilmfestival, Eurodok. Received Einar Granums Art award in 2007. www.birgittesigmundstad.com




Per Teljer – The Samaritan (2000) – 4:00

On 12 th September 2009 was the German family father Dominik Brunner beaten up to the death by two adolescents in the S-Bahnhof Solln outside Munich when he intervened when these tried rob two children. This took place when about twenty witnesses where present without any intervened.The Samritan is a criticism/soul-searching of our embedded cowardice and convenience. The fact that it was made for nine years ago (2000) and has not been demonstrated to any significant extent lacking for my own part. I regret to say that this themes never out of date. Which the events in Solln is a tragic proof of importance.




Per Teljer studied at the Academy of fine art in Trondheim (92-97). In the mid-nineties member of the Swedish-Norwegian video group Sunny Heart Videos (93-97). During the last ten years he has exclusively been working with longer, narrative, script based video/film productions. Lives and work in Berlin and Trondheim where he holds the position of associate professor at the Academy of fine art. www.teljer.com




BjŅrn E. Pettersen – Eddy Baby (2009) – 1:23

The view over Oslo (formerly Christiania) seen from a place not far from where Edvard Munch was inspired to make his most famous painting "The Scream".

Theme; angst and existentional states. Angst as setbacks in time. Time standing still and/or setting you back. Blurry introspectiveness interrupted by the Angst that stab like a lightning bolt, unpredictable. The title is taken from a Monty Python sketch where a famous filmmaker called Sir Edward is being insulted by an interviewer, calling him amongst other things "Eddy Baby". In this case "Eddy" is referring to "Edvard" (Munch).




BjŅrn E. Pettersen is born 1960 in Oslo, Norway. Self-taught musician, composer and arranger. Played and recorded with several Norwegian rock bands since the early Eighties. Have been working with video and photography since 2006. Screenings: Örebro International video art festival 2008, Sweden, ”(PAM) NORDIC – Part 1” at Utsikten Kunstsenter, Kvinesdal, Norway.




Margarida Paiva - Fragments from an Unknown Woman (2008) – 8:40
In Fragments from an Unknown Woman a female narrator is telling about another woman, about her fears and memories, while random images of rooms, parks and streets flow through the story. The characters remain unknown, seen only in glimpses or heard only through fragmented dialogues. The video explores mental and emotional disorders by reflecting on questions such as the need to change the present but remaining in the past and the difficulty of expressing one’s feelings.


margarida paiva_Fragments

Margarida Piava was born in Portugal in 1975, currently living and working in Oslo. Studied at the Faculty of Fine Arts in Oporto and at the Academy of Fine Arts in Oslo. Her video works are based on fragmented stories that explore inner states of mind resembling dreams and memories. Melancholy, loneliness and fear are subjects that always remain in these works and are expressed through poetic imagery.


Farhad Kalantary - Moving Target (2007) – 02:00 
“Moving Target” is a short video that is the crossing point of many different events and currents. It carries the memories of Jasper Jones’ “Target”. It has the taste of Andy Warhol’s “Banana”.  It has a sense of Paul Virilio’s Dromology, and it bears witness to the accident of cancer.  It was recorded through my window, in a winter day in Oslo, at the time of yet another war. 




Farhad Kalantary (Tabriz, Iran, 1962) is a visual artist working primarily with non-narrative films and video installations. He has studied at San Francisco State University (BA, 1992) and San Francisco Art Institute (MFA, 1996) and he is now based in Oslo, Norway. His works have been shown in various international film festivals as well as in galleries and museums in the US and Europe, and they are part of the collections of Moderna Museet, Stockholm, and the Arts Council Norway. He is a co-founder and the leader of artist run space Atopia in Oslo. www.atopia.no




Mona Bentzen – Made of Water (2008) – 2:21

Water is in perpetual motion and reflect on surfaces using sunlight. Made of water is made of the reflections of water and transformed into non-figurative visual music.




Mona Bentzen works with video and installation and as a curator/producer: http://duerher.anart.no / www.artvideoexchange.com She was educated at the Bergen National Academy of the Arts, University of Volda, media and TV/Film/ Animation. Video and documentary screening, f.ex Art Museum KUBE, Norwegian Broadcasting NRK TV 1, 7th Art Film Festival, Slovakia, Laznia Centre for Contemporary Art, Polen, Pasadena Museum of California Art. She is the founder of Art Video Exchange.




Jannicke LĆker - Sunday Mornings (2007) – 09:00

Sunday Morning is a video about a woman coming home after a heavy-drinking night out. The scene is 9 minutes and describes the woman’s slowmoving journey from the front door of her flat to the bedroom. The video shows an independent person that finds herself in a comical but humiliating state.  As a result of tiredness and a heavy consumption of alcohol, the woman is, through a banal incident, exposed for a mortal situation in her home. The video is about loneliness and death-drive.




Jannicke LĆker lives and work in Berlin. Mainly works with video and performance. Studied at the Academy of Fine art in Trondheim (93-97).  Solo exhibitions at Kunstlerhas Bethanien in Berlin, DUMBO in NYC and Stenersen Museum in Oslo. Exhibited at the Whitney Museum in NYC and Modern Museum in Stockholm. Last year received the Terje Vigen and Critic Award (Grimstad) and nominated for the Arte Short Film Award 2009 and received the Guaranty Grant for Artist. www.jannickelaker.com/



Risto Holopainen - PEK (2007) - 6:00

A lot of symbolic hand-waving going on. Yet this is not a speech in sign language. In Scandinavian languages, PEK is the root of a word that means, “to point at”. In Norwegian, it has the additional meaning of 'prank'. PEK was realized in 2007, with Risto Holopainen as the hands, composer and editor, in collaboration with Vivild Bergersen, choreographer, and Camilla Wĺrenskjold, camera.




Risto Holopainen was born in 1970 in Sweden. He studied composition at

the Norwegian State Academy of Music, followed by studies in musicology. Currently he pursues a PhD project on adaptive synthesis at the University of Oslo. His compositions include both electro acoustic and instrumental music for concert, dance and radio plays, but he has also made computer animations and video. His Garbage Collection appeared as the first release on Mere records in 2008. risto.holopainen@imv.uio.no  http://folk.uio.no/ristoh/




Martin Skauen - Felix Culpa, A Handmade Massacre (2007) – 5:06

The video is like an animated Judgement Day - a grotesque and violent universe where people are divided into two categories; those who eat and those who are eaten...! With his distinctive technique he leads the camera across the large-scale drawing and create the illusion of movement in a never-ending claustrophobic room. In Felix Culpa, Skauen has created a frightening dark and self-annihilating world - a world totally out of order, inhabited by the most primitive and destructive forces.




Martin Skauen is educated at the National Academy of Fine Arts, Oslo, 1998-2002 and MŅlla Art School, Moss 1996-1998. Residency: Kunstlerhaus Bethanien, Berlin, 2008. Exhibitions include: 1st Athens Biennial, Frankfurter Kunstverein, GŅteborg Kunsthall, Laura Bartlett Gallery (London), Galleri MGM (Oslo), Mihai Nicodim Gallery, (L.A.), Kunstlerhaus Bethanien (Berlin), Galleri F-15 (Moss) and UKS, (Young Artist Society). www.martinskauen.com